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What are your real estate goals and dreams?
Have there been any significant changes in your employment or income in the last 12-months, or do you expect any in the near future?
Have there been any significant changes in your savings, checking, investment or other asset balances in the last 12 months, or do you expect any in the near future?
Have you incurred any new debt that will remain open for more than 10 months?
Do you have any new second mortgages?
What is the approximate value of your home?
How long do you plan to live in this home?
Which of the following personal goals are most important to you? Please rank In order of Importance to you (With 1 being the most important and 5 being the least).
  Building your net worth/achieving financial freedom
  Having your mortgage paid off when you retire (projected retirement date:  8/3/2020 ]   )
  Achieving liquidity (having access to a slush fund in an emergency, investing in the stock market, etc.)
  Moving into a larger home within     years
  Maximizing current and future tax deductions
  Saving money to send your kids to college
What would you like your mortgage to accomplish right now?
Do you have a will or living trust to protect your family’s assets in the event that something happens to you?
Are there any other needs you have right now that we may help you fulfill through the confident referral to any one of our professional partners?
Do you have a Financial Planner?
Do you have a CPA?
Do you have a Family Lawyer?
Do you have a Estate Planning Attorney?
Do you have a Real Estate Professional?
Do you have a personal risk insurance professional (i.e. life, disability, etc. insurance)?

Each year we will repeat this process so that we may at any time in the future be fully prepared to assist you with your goals and needs. Thank you for allowing us to serve you

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The Betz Team
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